Screen Printing

Screen printing services are the process of transferring your artwork onto screens where plastic based inks are manually or automatically printed on to the garment. This method is perfect for large production runs and produces a long lasting product. The following items can be screen printed:

Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polos, Tank Tops, Youth, Womens, Mens, Koozies, Bags Custom Screen Printing

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is the process of dyeing the polyester fibers in a product the colors in your artwork. Great for small runs and produces a no hand feel. The following items can be sublimated:

Shirts, Koozies, Mugs, Water Bottles, Hats, Mouse Pads, Vehicle Flags, Licence Plates, Towels, and Compression Sleeves Dye Sublimation Phoenix


Embroidery is the method of converting your artwork in to thread stitching and can be produced in bulk or in smaller quantities. The following items can be embroidered:

Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polos, Hats, Bags, and Jackets Embroidery

Graphic Design

If you’re looking to get your digital files screen print ready we can get you started. We offer converting the following files into vector formats:
.jpg, .png, .gif, .psd, .tff Graphic Design