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With COVID-19 sweeping the nation we are looking for way to generate income for our customers. A great way to do so is with merchandise sale. This form will get things rolling for you as quickly as possible. We will help design some new stuff for you as well if needed. Please fill out the form below and we will get be in touch:


    Enter your information below.

    Web Store Details

    We will setup the web store for free for all current customers. If you are not a current customer we will get you setup for $25 which will include a digital mockup of the shirts you will sell. How it will work is we will accumulate all orders over a 2 week period and then produce the orders and ship them to your customers. You are NOT charged. You receive the net proceeds from each sale (Product Price - Garment Cost - Print Cost = Net Proceeds). All funds are sent to your PayPal account setup in your store backend at the end of each month. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for you and your customer to help generate some extra income for everyone. We ask that you keep the designs to 1 color for ease of printing and screen storage. Stay healthy friends!

    If you have a specific placement or ink type please enter it above.

    Design Ideas or Samples / School Logo

    Have ideas or designs from the past? Feel free to upload them here. School logos would help as well.

    Please be patient while your files upload to our servers. Please do not hit the refresh or back button while submitting your request.

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