Landscape Company Shirts

T-Shirts for a landscape company can be such a huge expense. The constant wear and tear along with the dirt and other outdoor elements wreck havoc on t-shirts. What we recommend printing on for landscape companies is a 50/50 blend or 100% pre-shrunk cotton dark colored shirt. The 50/50 allows for the shirts to be washed repeatedly with out much shrinkage. The downfall of 50/50 is that they are limited on color options.

If you need a safety colored shirt your only option is the 6.1oz 100% pre-shrunk cotton blends. These are available in both safety green and safety orange (yeah the ones that are blinding). They are called safety colors for a reason, to keep your crew safe. Let us help you save money by calling us with a list of your needs. Keep in mind some factors may get you a better deal including:

  • Quantity ordered at each printing
  • Number of times shirts are ordered per year
  • If the artwork stays the same every time the job is printed

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