Starting a Clothing Line? How to launch a quality product.

We see many clothing line come and go. In this market place it is difficult to get your clothing line recognized by the consumer. Prints are getting larger, inks are changing and shirts keep getting thinner and slimmer.

So how do you know where to start?

Some screen printers try selling you on the cheapest t-shirts possible. While these t-shirts may help you when you start out just keep in mind “would I wear this t-shirt?”. Chances are the cheaper shirts aren’t going to help you clothing line.

The other side we see is clothing lines want to use only the best being an American Apparel only clothing line. While the American Apparel shirts are nice we have found some much cheaper yet comparable in quality brands. Most clothing line should expect to hand out a lot of free shirts. Did I not capitalize that……A LOT. Try handing out 100 free shirts when you know the shirts alone are $5….ouch.

Make sure you know which shirt will work for your clothing line.

The next important aspect is your artwork. What is going to be the next big thing? Large solid blocks of text? Intricate grunge artwork weaved with printed foil? I don’t know the answer to that but we can at least help you so that when it comes time to print your artwork it is ready to go and wont need to be redrawn. Check out our artwork requirements.

Now that you have selected your shirt and have solid artwork it’s time to decide what ink you will be using on your shirts. There are advantages and dis-advantages to every ink we use here. You can use a technique called discharge printing which bleaches the dye out of the garment only leaving a soft feel to the garment.

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